Pipe Tape 1044-2 units
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Wencon Pipe Tape is a pre-impregnated fibreglass bandage with a knitted non-woven fibreglass structure, that gives the bandage maximum strength and facilitates repairs on corner joints, elbows and other shaped fittings. The Wencon Pipe Tape is a fast curing pipe repair bandage especially formulated to make quick and effective repairs of cracks, leaks, fractures, and corrosion porosity – Quick and effective to use – No mixing – No tools – Water activated – Ready for use in 10 seconds – Cures in 10 minutes – Suitable for all pipes and surfaces Application areas Typcal applications are repairs in piping carrying water, oil, steam, most gases and even solvents. Wencon Pipe Tape has good pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. View Safety Data Sheet Instructions for use Download Product Information (.PDF) Packaging: Wencon Pipe Tape is available in 3 standard sizes; No. 1045: 5cm x 150cm (2 inch x 60 inch.), designed for pipes up to 50 mm (2 inch) diameter No. 1046: 5cm x 350 cm, (2 inch x 140 inch) designed for pipes up to 125 mm (5 inch) diameter No. 1044: 10cm x 350cm (4 inch x 140 inch) designed for pipes up to 200 mm (8 inch) diameter The Wencon Pipe Repair Kit contains: Wencon Putty, repair bandages, gloves and plastic bags.                                                                                                        No. 1047 Wencon Pipe Repair Kit, 2 units/ (5cm x 150cm) (2 inch x 60 inch) + putty (125gr) No. 1048 Wencon Pipe Repair Kit, 5 units/ (5cm x 150cm) (2 inch x 60 inch)+ putty (125gr)