UW Coating 150ml-5.0oz White (Cartridge)
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WENCON UW Coating is an abrasion and corrosion resistant two-component epoxy, that will adhere and cure on dry, wet as well as submerged surfaces. Suitable for touch-up repairs on superstructures and piping in general. 100 % solid and solvent free coating, capable of building up to 500μm thickness in one layer. WENCON UW Coating can be applied on surfaces where it is impossible obtaining a 100 % clean and dry repair area, such as splash-zones as well as underwater. Mixing: Component A and Component B are combined in the static mixer nozzle that is screwed on to the cartridge prior to starting the application. Discard the first 0.5 inch, of the product until product looks evenly colored, and then begin application. In case the product has cured, replace the nozzle with new static mixer nozzle. Compatiblility: WENCON UW Coating is in general compatible with other epoxy-polyamide / amine paint & polyurethane coatings. These substrates bond well to each other as long as the surfaces are clean and slightly abraded. If any questions, please contact WENCON for confirmation of compatibility.
  • Strong adhesion to all Steel & Metal alloys, GRE FRP, Fiberglas and other composite materials etc.
  • High wear resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High coverage rate
  • Can be applied on wet surfaces or under water
  • Cures under water and on wet surfaces
  • Efficient double coat system
  • Long pot-life under water
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