Cargo ships, Cruise ships, ferries, Military vessels, Oil & Chemical tankers, Workboats, Fishing vessels etc.

Superior Protection and Repair Solutions for Commercial Marine Vessels

Innovative products specifically designed to safeguard and restore commercial vessels operating in challenging marine environments. With Wencon’s cutting-edge offerings, ship owners and operators can ensure the longevity, safety, and efficiency of their valuable assets.
🔧 Unmatched Protection and Repair Capabilities:
Wencon understands the unique challenges faced by commercial vessels, including corrosion, wear, and mechanical damage resulting from continuous operation and exposure to harsh marine conditions. To address these issues, Wencon offers a comprehensive range of protection and repair solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry.

A Wencon Repair Kit: Comprehensive repair solutions, customized for Commercial Marine Vessels such as Cargo ships, including container vessels and bulk carriers, Cruise ships, ferries, and other passenger vessels, Military vessels, such as frigates, destroyers, and submarines, oil and chemicals tankers, Workboats, including tugboats, supply vessels, and dredgers, Commercial Fishing boats etc.

The Wencon Repair Kit is an extremely versatile toolkit that can address a large variety of repair needs. It works extremely well on all steel & metal alloys, including Brass, Bronze, Cast iron and Aluminum, GRE, FRP, Fiberglass, and other composite materials, and concrete, making it suitable for a broad range of applications, both above and below the waterline. Whether you need to fix pipes, tanks, pumps, or machinery, this kit has got you covered.

Most repair kits includes a User Manual, which is also available for free download from our website. The User Manual contains product information sheets, instruction for use, technical information, application datasheets for several repair jobs and detailed information about surface preparation. The Manual support you fully with repairs, planned maintenance and improvements on board the vessel.

Repair kit no 8700, Suitable for old and large vessels, tailored for fast repairs of leaking pipes and tanks, cooler end covers, pump casings, seawater filters, exhaust system leaks, general corrosion prevention and building up surfaces, and much more.

The Wencon Repair Kit is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage on board.

Download Product Information (.PDF)

Not sure which kit you need, not a problem, call or email us and we will help you choose the best suitable repair kit based on your actual needs  

Docking Kit

Typical applications include:

  • Sea chests & Strainers
  • Rudders (Rudder stock, Rudder blade and flaps,
    Rudder link & hinge system, Rudder pintles,
    Rudder trunk / bushings, Rudder cones, Rudder bearing seats / tubes).
  • Thruster Tunnels
  • Propeller blade
  • Stern tube
  • Stern boss flange
  • Scrubber systems
  • Overboard pipe
  • Piping manifold
  • Piping systems
  • Anchor & mooring winch
  • Tanks (Scrubber tanks, Ballast/ballast water tanks, Oil tanks, Chemical storage tanks, Bilge water tanks / cargo tanks, Fuel tanks.)
  • Pump, valve casings
  • Dissimilar materials
  • Covers, end-covers
  • Coolers, exchangers
  • ICCP system
  • Deck corrosion
  • Jacuzzi´s, pools
  • Water parks, waterslides
  • Life boats
  • Protect new equipment

In-Service Repair Kit