Superior Protection and Repair Solutions 

Customized Repair Kits

From emergency repairs to permanent repairs, to preventive maintenance.

The Wencon Repair Kit is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage onboard 

Most repair kits include a comprehensive User Manual, also free for download from our website

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Repair to reduce downtime

Temporary & Permanent Repairs / Rebuilding & Protecting surfaces

  • providing quick and effective repairs to damaged equipment and structures. Whether it’s a worn pump shaft, a corroded valve, or a cracked pipeline

High-quality products specially designed to provide outstanding protection to metal surfaces exposed to saltwater and other harsh underwater environments. Wencon UW cream forms a robust barrier that prevents corrosion, erosion, and other forms of damage, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

We protect and rebuild steel assets exposed to heavy wet/dry conditions, corrosion, erosion, tear, wear and mechanical damage etc.
Wencon solutions is a fully tested concept within Refinery and petrochemical industries which include type approvals, MSDS and thorough product descriptions of every product. 
Repair, Rebuilding and Protection, we got you covered:
  • Emergency repairs
  • temporary repairs
  • Surface protection
  • Surface rebuilding (pitting, corrosion etc.)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • And much more

Wencon protective coatings are the markets most robust protective coating system which offer the longest maintenance intervals in the market. A more sustainable product range that offers strong adhesion to all steel & metal surfaces, GRE, FRP, Fiberglas and other composite materials, designed to protect assets exposed to the harshest conditions. All non-hazardous materials, no solvents, no metallic fillers and eliminates bi-metallic corrosion among many other advantages

At routine inspections of facility assets, maintenance managers often discover severe pitting and corrosion on newly installed coated steel assets. The coated steel assets includes, piping, tanks, spheres, exchangers and structural steel etc.

Normally engineers & maintenance managers expect newly coated steel assets to withstand corrosion attacks for at least 10 years before maintenance would begin. However, that is rarely the case, within a short time of 12-24 month “only”,  routine maintenance inspections often find, that the coatings exhibited undercutting corrosion and requires unplanned repairs to retain the integrity of the assets they are protecting.

Wencon coatings, prevents premature coating degradation and unplanned maintenance to steel assets exposed to among other things, mists of fine specs and other particles emitted from refinery & petrochemical plant cooling towers, often find ways to chemicals and other contaminants carried by the wind and eventually settling onto coated steel surfaces throughout a plant, contributing to the accelerated deterioration of protective coatings, which then leads to corrosion and the need for early maintenance, especially due to the high frequency of wet/dry cycling that occurs on exposed assets.

To help manage costs and reduce waste, we offer small-packaging options, meaning that applicators are able to mix small amounts as needed. Long pot life 3 years on the shelf minimum