Repair Kit no.8727 Commercial Fishing
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Wencon Repair Kit, for Commercial Fishing Boats and Trawler The WENCON Repair Kit, tailored for commercial fishing vessels and trawlers. A unique Repair Kit, excellent for super-fast emergency repairs, and perfect adhesion to all steel-Brass, Alloys, GRP/GRE, Aluminum and much more.
  • Super-fast repairs and quick curing
  • Easy application techniques
  • Approved by class
  • Each Wencon kit, provides multiple solutions
Download Product Information (.PDF) Wencon UW products Our Wencon UW products (underwater), a fast curing two-component epoxy compound and protective coatings, with a wide range of applications for emergency repairs and maintenance in wet and submerged areas. Wencon Pipe Tape A fast curing pipe repair bandage especially designed to make quick and effective repairs of Pipe cracks, leaks, and corrosion attacks. Wencon Exhaust Repair A one-component steel cold weld product that can be used for repair of cracks and holes in equipment exposed to temperatures up to 1300° C (2400°F) For example, engine exhaust pipes and expansion joints etc. The kit contains solutions for among other things: • Sea water pipes • Tanks • Cooling systems • Engine and exhaust area • Suction wells / Drain rails • And much more.