Wencon Repair Putty (1x125gr)

Wencon Repair Putty (1x125gr)
Product info
Item 1041: Wencon Putty is a very quick curing, two component, epoxy compound supplied in a practical stick format, which is easy to use. This multipurpose epoxy paste is ideal for a wide range of emergency repairs where an ultra quick curing and moldable compound is required. Typical applications are patching sealing and filling of cracks, leakages and holes in pipes, on flanges, in tanks etc
  •  Cures in 10-20 minutes
  •  Simple apply procedure with cut and knead
  •  Patches and seals cracks, leakages and holes
  •  Strong adhesion to all metal surfaces
  •  Fully machinable
  Alternative package size
Product numbers Product name IMPA no. ISSA no.
No. 1040 Wencon Repair Putty 8x125g (8×0,28 lb) 812342 75.553.40
No. 1042 Wencon Putty Repair 4x125g (4×0,28 lb) 812329 NA

Key technical data

No. 1041

Max temperature +60- +250°C (140 – 199°F)
Consistency putty
Mixing ratio vol.
Apply with hand/spatula
Potlife at 20°C 3-6 min. mixed in small amounts
Curing time 10-20 min.
Machineability yes
Specific volume 500 cm3 / kg
Dielectric strength NA
Product numbers Product name IMPA no. ISSA no.
No. 1041 Wencon Putty 1x125g (1×0,28 lb) NA NA