Wencon Rapid 2 x 125gr

Wencon Rapid 2 x 125gr
Product info
Item 1006 Wencon Rapid is a fast curing two-component, epoxy compound with a wide range of applications for emergency repairs and maintenance. Typical applications are emergency repairs, where a short curing time is required to reduce down time. Wencon Rapid is very suitable for applications where thicker layers of material are required, as the compound quickly sets and becomes solid. The compound can also be used for regular maintenance jobs and as a filling compound.
  •  Fast curing – reduced down time
  •  Wide range of applications
  •  Strong adhesion to all metal surfaces
  •  Simple mixing and application
  •  Convenient unit sizes
  Alternative Package Size:
Product numbers Product names IMPA no. ISSA no.
No. 1005 Wencon Rapid 8, 8x125g (8×0,28 lb) unit 812343 75.553.22
No. 1000 Wencon Rapid, 1 kg (2,2lb) unit 812347 75.553.21

Key technical data

Max temperature +60 – +250°C (140-482°F)
Consistency paste
Mixing ratio vol. 1:1
Apply with spatula
Potlife at 20°C 10-20 min. mixed in small amounts
Curing time 40-90 min
Machineability yes
Specific volume 709 cm3 / kg
Dielectric strength 10 KV/mm
Product numbers Product names IMPA no. ISSA no.
No. 1006 Wencon Rapid 2, 2x125g (2×0,28 lb) unit NA NA