Repair Service
Equipment failure and accidents happens all the time around the clock, we offer In house and On site emergency repair services

About Our Repair Services

Shop locations in South Florida and in Freeport Bahamas

In house repair service: we offer in house repairs of old and worn out equipment, Due to long lead time and shortage of parts, new equipment can be very hard to get, and older equipment are not even manufactured any longer. But that´s not a problem, most old equipment are suitable for repair and rebuilding, such as pump/valve housing and parts, Steel, Metal & GRE pipes, flanges, tanks, bellows/expansion joints and much more.

Onboard your vessel, It´s always a good idea to have access to spare parts & spare equipment, in case of an emergency. Ship your old, leaking and or worn out equipment to one of our shops, and we´ll repair/rebuild and return the refurbished parts in excellent conditions. (if your vessel docks in Florida or in Freeport, we can arrange pick up of damaged parts for refurb)

Emergency On-site/field repair service: equipment failure/cracks/leaks and accidents happen all the time around the clock.
If you experience an emergency, onboard your vessel while offshore, and haven´t order your Wencon repair kit “yet”, get in contact with us, and we´ll meet you next time you dock/reach the quay.

For emergencies, please use our WhatsApp 24/7/365 service, scan below QR code

Be prepared for the uninspected, order your Wencon emergency repair kit today

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